Wednesday, September 28, 2016

I plan, Heavenly Father laughs

(preface: I have had some hypertension issues and come close to having preeclampsia since around week 31..I was put on blood pressure medicine, had to do four 24 hour urine collections, blood tests, and endured a whole lot of anxiety. Every appointment I've gone to my Dr has wanted to send me to a specialist or to the hospital. So it's been a little bit of a rocky road.)

 So I made the mistake of planning out when I thought the baby would come and when my mom should come and a few other things.. 
Monday September 26th I got a call that my latest urine collection came back 227 over the amount of proteins that is too much protein.. (300 is over what they like to see. so 527 was.. scary) 
I had Spencer meet me there after work and we met with Dr. Huish. 
He said that everything was creeping up and making him worry. He wanted to have me induced that next week because the baby would be 37 weeks and that's as far as he'd comfortably like to go for both of our safety. So I was a little shocked but also not.. Leading up to this meeting he was getting more and more concerned, he was just waiting for the baby to get to a good place developmentally. 
Dr. Huish set up an appointment for us to go down to the hospital Thursday October 6th at 3 am! Whoa! I do have 3 appointments before then.. so we'll see what happens! 
And Mom is coming into town October 4th now!! 
Planning.. you'd think I'd know not to do that anymore!! Hahah!! 
Lincoln's Profile at 21 weeks 

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